Monday, December 6, 2010


new tape.
Mark Warren Jacques new cassette of jams.
He brings some great tunes on both sides. This was released in conjunction with his solo show at Together Gallery. Only 20 made. All for sale at the gallery. Cheap.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Natural Bridges / Lovehandles

This is a split cassette. Natural Bridges resides in California and Lovehandles in Portland. Both sides will transport you to a spring day. These talented songwriters bring some of their best jams to date to this cassette. Such good vibes on this one!

6 bucks

Flaspar - Ape Cocoon

New cassette release of an older recording. This group needs no introduction. Recorded in 2006 by the band, this release totally slays. Get it while we've got it!

6 bucks

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Curse of El Come Home

This is an amazing cassette tape.
Home released by Grant Hall in a very limited quantity.
Now re-released in a very excited way...
100% recycled packaging. Yes, 100%.
If you know anything about El Come Home, you will know you want this tape.
Totally amazing portrait of a soggy NW artist.

$6 bucks

Barf #1

This is the first edition of the Barf zine.
The first zine Adam Zeek ever made.
These were found underneath the bed and are for sale on the internet for the very first time ever.
Full Color
5" x 5"

$8 bucks

Sunday, August 9, 2009

OreGan Dance Compilation

This compilation has the pulse of the Northwest Dance Community.
It is the soundtrack to sweaty dance house parties.
Totally banging. Booty bass dropping.
Jizz Wisard
Jeffery Jerusalem
Breakfast Mountain
Mega Wand
May Ling

$8 bucks

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Barf #8

New installment of Barf.
Filled with party vibes of our summer tribe.
Comics and monsters.
Editions of 50.

$4 bucks

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prince Rama Of Ayodhya - Threshold Dances

Ore-Gan Recs is very proud to release an album by Prince Rama Of Ayodhya. This Boston trio makes other worldly musical testaments. Their energies run deep through this music. Take their hand and go on the journey....

$8 bucks

Psychedelic Channel Network 2 zine

This new installment of the Psychedelic Channel Network is an absolute Banger!!
It has been 8 months in the making and features 4 top heads in visual psych.
Brian Blomerth
Adam Zeek

44 pages

$10 bucks

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mall Crawlers - Rotten to the Core

More sludged out ear pollution from Mall Crawlers. This EP was culled from live sessions and mixed with studio tracks. These sound crushers are really turning out some of the best psych tracks around.

$8 bucks

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daniel Swan - Vidz

DVD Video
This is a new compilation of videos recently made by Daniel Swan of England.  His videos take you on a journey of computer freak-outs and post animation break-downs.  A psychedelic vision of the future.  First Ore-Gan DVD release.

$8 bucks

El Come Home/Mall Crawlers

Split Cassette c30
New split cassette from El Come Home and Mall Crawlers.  New song, drones, yelps, etc.  You won't find this tape many other places and you won't find it here for long.  

$6 bucks

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barf 777

A new edition of Barf.  This is number 7.  Printed on construction and graph paper.  Spray paint splattered pages with toxic green covers.  50 were made and this will never be reprinted.  Get yours while it is fresh.

$4 bucks

Friday, February 6, 2009

Live at Stonehenge comp

LIVE AT STONEHENGE COMP - This compilation is a long time in the making.  16 live tracks from bands all over the country.  These were recorded in our basement onto cassette.  They have a dirty/raw vibe but are beautiful at the same time.  Recorded between 2004-2008.  A true testament to DIY and communal living.  Not for sale but included free in any order.

Psych Print #3

PSYCH PRINT #3 - Total Rasta Damage here.  Color fade background with dead head sentiments layered on top.  Made in the summer of '08, edition of 40 almost gone on this one.  Will come folded in the mail or for a couple extra bucks it can be in a tube.

$10 bucks

Psych Print #2

PSYCH PRINT #2 - Silkscreen Print over Xerox.  Made in the summer of '08, edition of 40 going fast.  Dark basement vibes on this one.  Comes folded in the mail or for a couple extra bucks it can be rolled in a tube.

$10 bucks

Psych Print #1

PSYCH PRINT #1 - Silkscreen print on spray splattered paper.  Made in the summer of '08.  Completely damaged visual appeal.  Comes folded in mail.  Can roll in a tube for some extra bucks.  Edition of 40.

$10 bucks

Splatter Vibe Shirt

SPLATTER VIBE SHIRT - These were made last summer in a batch of about 40.  Only a few are left in a couple of sizes.  They are recycled shirts turned inside-out.  Every shirt is somewhat different from the next.  Inquire for sizes if you are interested...


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shams - Spirit House Musik

I had no idea about trance music until Shams played a show in Eugene.  Shams will make your ass drop on the dance floor and puke on your dog later that night.  Total Ripper/Raver lifestyle beats from Richmond, Virginia.  This album is worth its weight just for the cut "This Robotussin is very expensive".

$8 bucks

Indian Casino/Mall Crawlers split cassette

This is the first in a series of split tapes that are slated for release.  Indian Casino and the Jail House Hippies lay down a side of pulsing pupils and feedback.  Their sound is scorched, loaded, and not to be trusted.  Mall Crawlers sound like they just ripped outta the womb.  Probably don't know how to hold a guitar let alone tune it.

$6 bucks

Ghosties - Mountain Moments

Ghosties is building a prolific discography.  This EP should not be overlooked.  Since release in 2007, Mountain Moments has been slowly becoming a classic piece of recorded music.  If you like Ghosties music, you need this EP.  It totally made me sing out loud and cry from my third eye.

$8 bucks

Psychedelic Channel Network zine

The Psychedelic Channel Network is a showcasing of international Psych Artists on the rise.  This compilation was made in 2007 and has many challenging submissions.  Artists include Chris Magnusson, Mumbleboy, Rene Jose, Matt Lock, Pom Kiki Crew, Dean Sullivan,  Adam Zeek, Rasmus Svenson, and others.  This zine is totally rad and almost gone.
8.5" x 11", 46 pages, xerox with marbled covers.


Gulls - *S*C*O*N*C*E*R*S*I*N*T*H*E*Y*A*R*D*

Gulls is the tripped out solo project of Jesse Munro Johnson (Evolutionary Jass Band, Owl Dudes).  Culled from live recordings and masterfully mixed.  This album will tickle your subwoofer in all the right ways.  These heavy beats and horn loops can make any summer day feel a little bit fried.

$8 bucks

Omega Omega zine

This is an epic zine compilation, both in size and content.  A ton of international artists including Kevin Hooyman, AJ Purdy, CF, Rasmus Svenson, Carlos Gonzalez, and about 20 others.  A limited printing of 200 copies.

$12 bucks

Nosebleeds II - Luke Gallagher

The second edition of Nosebleeds, a personal zine of design from Luke Gallagher.  A very well crafted booklet made in a limited edition of 50.  Full bleed printing ofcourse with painted gouche covers.  "Style so elevated it gives you nosebleeds".

$5 bucks